Worth it

  • Release date: 23 avril 2021
  • Label: Famille Electro Records
  • Catalog #: 91

The bros are coming back! Dj Entwan & Dan Corco team up for a wicked EP on their own imprint.

« Worth it » is made for the dancefloors with boundless energy and ripples with feelings of a euphoric high.
« Ducky » is a rhythm-focused tribal track with an abundance of percussive energy leading to a dreamy vocal, which sets the foundation for this infectious tribal tech house release.

We have a special super guest for Ducky’s remix : The London based producer Charles Pierre
His remix kicks off with sharp hi hats and a groove-laden percussion taking the track deeper into a more electronic sound with a heavy bassline, just the right hint of an echoing chord, and an endless techhouse groove.