Need That EP

  • Release date: 15 avril 2019
  • Label: Famille Electro records
  • Catalog #: 64

Need that Ep from Willo is a must have in your dj playlist. The italian producer delivers two fantastic tracks. First « Need that » is a real deep house athem! This is a spine tingling number with deep, warm drums overlaid with majestic keys and chords. It’s a real trip into melancholic moods and is the sort of lush track that sinks you into a reverie. Now « Party all day » is more focus on tech house genre with funky synths lines, vocal chop and rumbling acid subs.
This not enough! We have 2 awesome remix from Flashers and Dj Entwan of « Party all day » blending their own signatures style of weighty subs and immersive breakdowns for a tech house smash.
This 64 th EP is build with percussion brimming for a unbounded frenetic energy.