• Release date: 11 novembre 2019
  • Label: Famille Electro records
  • Catalog #: 71

The boss of Unkname & Unknow label Pedro Vasconcelos is on board for this new EP on Familly Electro.
The track « Topxux » shows the taste of Pedro on the sharp and minimalistic drum grooves. Slithering and fast hi-hats gives the track an extra movement while the spoken speech offers an interesting arrangement. The infectious sax line starts gives a strange and jazzy feeling that shaking your body since its first beats.
Now the talented Fabri Tacc shows that building a peak hour tech-house track has no mystery to him. His remix is a perfect roller with sharp hats and predominant snares. It’s a great cut with an off beat bumping bassline and a groovy vocal.
To finish our man Dan Corco transfrom the original « Topxux » to a powerful techno groove tune with a bass is massive which elevates the heat of any dance floor making this track a winning horse since its first beats.