The Groove

  • Release date: 1 mars 2020
  • Label: Famille Electro
  • Catalog #: 75

Next Famille electro records strike from L-Gil. This producer born in 1983 and raised in Colombia. Grew up with all the boom of the ’90s that was influenced by urban African-American rhythms, House music, and sub-genres.
The groove EP consists of 2 original tech house floor-killers with groovy basslines, persistent percussion and catchy vocal samples, making them perfect tracks for peak hours.
Dj Entwan adds his unique sound remixing « The groove » with his well-known aggressive synths and constant snares making this track very easy to groove to.
The Bulgaria producer Alessio Bianchi moving away from the grittier original of « Busted », the rubbery bassline and melodic keys of his remix have universal dancefloor appeal, making it the perfect club track for those searching for a fresh groove-laden cut.
Just made to make you move.