• Release date: 28 février 2019
  • Label: Famille Electro records
  • Catalog #: 62

For this 62th release we welcome Christos Papadogias. His favourite sounds are Tech and Afro House rythms. Indeed, he has always loved his live performances in this kind of music . So he produces two tracks on that way for a pumping EP. « Sunday » is fresh, groovy with catchy base lines and atmospheric synthline. A high-energy track with an engaging vocal aspect. « Code 4 » is a Fast- paced, shuffled rhythm meets a fabulous huge pulsating sub-bass and hypnotics vocals for a punchy, uptempo end product.
To make the Ep even more robust Joshua Puerta offers us a stunning remix of Sunday. A rolling, tribal-infused track with an emphasis on its delightful percussive components with a focus on the big low-end frequencies and use of a hooky vocal line that adds an element of hypnotism to the track.