• Release date: 16 décembre 2019
  • Label: Famille Electro records
  • Catalog #: 72

It’s Dj Entwan time, two tracks with much personality. the boss of Famille Electro rec puts some indian voices to his music with this new EP.
« India » effortless hi hats glide over warm, bouncing kick drums as subtle and speed out pads drift off in the distance. Its a timeless groove for cultured dance floors.
Thumping bass sets the tone in « Nanda devi » whilst elastic notes, twisted elements and a muffled spoken word sample come together resulting in a compelling groove.

Now we have an amazing interpretation of Tolstoi for « India ». The german producer is on the remix and ups the ante with a more propulsive take on the original, but one that is still soft-edged, far-sighted and perfectly inviting.

These are three well primed pieces of dance floor dynamite.