I Said

  • Release date: 10 avril 2020
  • Label: Famille Electro records
  • Catalog #: 76

Distance, Low groove, NoExcuse, Kinetika,Habitat… Now it’s Boy.An time on Famille Electro records with 2 great techhouse tunes and a remix of Mister Martin Occo himself!
« I said » is full of jaming drums and powerfull groove. Warm surges of sub bass help carry you away, while cosmic effects in the detail that make it another standout. Adding some hypnotics vocals and you have a proper minimal tech bomb.
Martin Occo from Slovakie gives his spirit to this track for a great sounding remix. Deep as madness his work will rock the dancefloor for sure.
to conclude this EP « Around the world » is rolling percussion, delicate vocal chops, groovy low-end and a luscious electric bass riff injecting some serious funk into things.