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House tribute

  • Release date: 10 mars 2014
  • Label: Famille Electro records
  • Catalog #: 34

Famille Electro’s latest Ep seems to pay tribute to house music. It is then no surprise that the producer DAN CORCO named it HOUSE TRIBUTE.

The BBS track appears to be a natural combination of rock-solid bassline, ‘green’ claps and tribal drums. Hidden in the background, the indus touch : scratchy voices, white noise trails and restless melodies.

The second track, THE CYCLE OF HOUSE, combines ethereal melodies escaping from delayed synths, heavy drum rolls and huge ascents towards others areas of turbulences.

Information for the fans, in search of ‘house you can bounce’ : Dan Corco’s music cycle has not ended yet. BBS.


Support from :

Marco Pellegrini (differentgrooves.com) downloading for differentgrooves.com , thanks for sending

Prok & Fitch (Foorplay Music / Sealth) thanks

Markantonio (Analytictrail / Drumcode / MKT) Downloading for Markantonio…thanks for the music!!!

Lemon 8 (Armada / Frisky) Cycle of House (Original Mix) is bound to do well I’m sure. Thanks 🙂

Erwin Kelemen (Freies Radio Freudenstadt) playing,thx

Alex Long (1605) Downloading,Thanks!

Marco Carola (Minus / Plus 8) downloading for marco carola, thanks

DJ Instint (XDC Music) Super job!

Tolis Q (Quantized Music) nice tunes here, will play BBS!

Grant Paterson (Edinburgh Evening News) Cycle will be getting cut up with French Kiss 😉

Umek (1605) downloading.thanks. Check Behind The Iron Curtain for Support! http://soundcloud.com/umek/

Vladimir Acic (1605 / Italo Business) Great

Dema (Sci+Tec / Trapez / Agile) cool ep thanks!!

Gabriele Gilleri (diffrentgrooves.com) coolish house stuff, in the box!

DJ Linus (Get Physical) Full Support!

Axel Casas (Loca FM) full support. Great EP! Thank you.

Richie Hawtin (Minus) downloaded for r hawtin

Toni Rios (Soap / Blufin) sounds good. will try it. thanx.

G.PAL (Swift Records) Nice release.

Stefano Lotti (Phobiq / Gastspiel / Capsula) Downloading… Thank you!

Tim Baker (Elephanthaus) full support

Aleksij (Toolroom / Ibiza Night) Old school vibes!nice!

Tim Urbanya (Rush Hour / SI) BBS is my favorite, thank you! Huge support!

Mario Ochoa (Avenue / Adverso / Hotfingers / Greatstuff) will try bbs

Macromism (Tronic / SCI+TEC / Break New Soil) nice thx

Sam Divine (Defected in the House / House Connoisseur) Cool tunes!

Alexander Madness (1605 / Sabotage) Great!! Full support from Slovenia.

Collective Machine Cycle of House is cool! would be better without the acapella but nice work! thx

Duca (1605 / Miniaturesrec / Neptuun City.) Cycle of House is beautiful! Thanks

PHNTM (Naptuun City / 1605) Support!

Kenny Ground (Southpark Records) BBS is cool!

Spartaque (1605 / IAMT / Supreme) Full Support

Gregor Zalokar (Press / Slovenia) .

Philipp Straub aka Dj Felipe (Mutekki / Hell Yeah / Intec – Vienna) Not bad, well known « influences »;)

Jean Jerome (Radio FG) Nice EP guys, thanks! Love the Lil’ Louis tribute on Cycle of House.