• Release date: 11 août 2019
  • Label: Famille Electro records
  • Catalog #: ALBM03

With this 2019 E.P, BnoiSe the Home-Buoy ushers the audience towards a thin memory lane.
Get on, Stop ! sets the vessel’s course. A 2,34 min. track led by a muscular bass-lane rocks a Chapeau Pourpre (Purple Hat) full of memories ; the latter then dissapears, drawned by a psyche-Désaxé wave.
After a Klassical move, BnoiSe portrays his cinematographic Organ Ness monster right before the italo-cosmo Green Flash Sunset gleams.
Onward, the northern minimalist jazz rises ; can you Hear it ? And what about the funky tribal Back to Cuba ? Unless you prefer listening to Mini Prince as he tales us about sheeps swirling like ships.
BnoiSe and his crew gently caresses here our hair cells, drawing a skyline we could old sea.