Hear it

  • Release date: 27 février 2020
  • Label: Famille Electro
  • Catalog #: BLV7158541

« Hear it » original track is coming from BnoiSe 2019 album called « Horizon ». It is time to coming back on Famille Electro records. This deep housy single is remixed by Punky Wash and Janoz.
Punky Wash complies with the consistency of his deep and emotive approach to production, makinghim synonymous with both a lightness of touch and a melancholia rarely heard in other producers. His remix is a wonderful deep acoustic version with rhode lines, guitar melody, rolling percussions and big groovy bass. A high quality job!
Then Janoz gives his minimalistic interpretation. His remix sets an impressive pace with driving kicks and cyber-sonic glitches, followed by the deep sub bass, fragmented vocals and solid groove.