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  • Release date: 21 décembre 2014
  • Label: Famille Electro records
  • Catalog #: 41

Support from:

Alex Long (1605) download Love it (Juanito Remix)
DJ Pena (Flow Vinyl) Nice Ep, Downloading for Dj Pena Love it (Original Mix)
Jamie Stevens (Infusion) Juanito remix for me on this one. Great! Love it (Juanito Remix)
Mario Ochoa (Avenue / Adverso / Hotfingers / Greatstuff) thx will try Love it (Original Mix)
Mark Knight (Toolroom) NICE TRACKS Love it (DJ Christopher Remix)
Pablo Demonio (klubbers.com / Klubbers FM) Not for me thx. Hanza (Original Mix)
G.PAL (Swift Records) Great remixes. Supporting Love it (Juanito Remix)
Axel Casas (Loca FM) support, thanks! I love Love it 😉 Love it (Original Mix)
Tocadisco (Tocacabana / Toca45) Nice grooves! Hanza (Original Mix)
Marco Carola (Minus / Plus 8) downloading for marco carola, thanks Love it (Juanito Remix)
Aleksij (Toolroom / Ibiza Night) Nice ! Love it (DJ Christopher Remix)
David Herrero (Defected / Vendetta / Stereo) nice:) Hanza (Original Mix)
Edgar Vm (Factomania / Azuli) Will test Hanza (Original Mix)
Cristian Varela (Pornographic Recordings) Download for Cristian Varela. Thanks ! Love it (DJ Christopher Remix)
Dousk (Bedrock / Klik) Both originals and Christopher’s remix does it for me, great tune! Hanza (Original Mix)
Southsoniks (Scandium) Hanza for me Hanza (Original Mix)
Noon (SFX Recordings) Somme good groove on this EP, thanks for sharing ! Love it (DJ Christopher Remix)
Riyaz Khan (Diversions 105.5 FM) digging both original mixes here – nice flow and atmospheres Hanza (Original Mix)
Marko Nastic (Recon Light / Tronic) Downloaded for Marko Nastic. Thanks! Hanza (Original Mix)
Chris Ward (Climax / Clubeducate) Not for me but thanks for sharing. Best of luck with the release. Chris @djchrisward Hanza (Original Mix)
John Askew (Perfecto A&R) Thanks! Downloading for Paul Oakenfold. Please check Planet Perfecto and Perfecto Fluoro Radio tracklistings for support http://soundcloud.com/pauloakenfold Perfecto Promos A&R Hanza (Original Mix)
Above & Beyond Listening for Above & Beyond. Check www.aboveandbeyond.nu/radio to see if supported. Hanza (Original Mix)
Pedro Mercado (Rotationz FM Belgium) cool remix by Juanito! Love it (Juanito Remix)
Danny Tenaglia Thanks Love it (Original Mix)
Sergio Fernandez (Starlight / Hotfingers) DJ Christopher is for me!! Full support!! Thanks!! :)) Love it (DJ Christopher Remix)
Gabriele Gilleri (differentgrooves.com) supporting Love it (Juanito Remix)
Richie Hawtin (Minus) downloaded for r hawtin Hanza (Original Mix)
Anthony Pappa Some nice tracks here that will be used. Thanks. Love it (Original Mix)
Vladimir Acic (1605 / Italo Business) Great Love it (DJ Christopher Remix)
J Louis (Vendetta / Juicy Music) Support,thanks Love it (Original Mix)
Markantonio (Analytictrail / Drumcode / MKT) Downloading for Markantonio…thanks for the music!!! Love it (Juanito Remix)
Pacho B (Cloning Sound) Nice groove. Support Hanza (Original Mix)
Paco Osuna (Plus 8 / Minus) Will try thanks 😉 Love it (Juanito Remix)
P-ben (Ovum) big tech house groovy tracks ! love it full support Hanza (Original Mix)
Big Fabio thanks! Hanza (Original Mix)
Sam Divine (Defected in the House / House Connoisseur) cool, thanks Love it (DJ Christopher Remix)
DJ 19 (19Box Recordings / Tokyo) Hanza is nice groovy track! Hanza (Original Mix)
Gregor Zalokar (Press / Slovenia) . Love it (Juanito Remix)
Anderson Noise (Radio Noise / Noise Music) thanks Hanza (Original Mix)
George Privatti (1605 / Fresco / ROW Club) dj christopher remix!!! Love it (DJ Christopher Remix)