Give Me the Power

  • Release date: 6 octobre 2019
  • Label: Famille Electro records
  • Catalog #: 69

Warning/ Dante (ITA) is on board with a record that will be causing a huge stir at club!
« Give me the power » is a certified club banger with it’s heavy, infectious bass-line, vocal stabs and sleazy, bumpy groove.
Not enought ? Ok.
Then Philp Z remix is a raucous affair with tribal drums, a thumping groove and some seriously quirky vocal licks that add so much energy to this track it will be taking roofs off of dance floors.
Last but not the least our tech house maestro Dj entwan delivers his version of the original track with a big arsenal of tech house sounds carefully processed into this naughty track. This remix is a serious groover with an infectious vocal.
Don´t miss out on the perfect EP that will highlight your next late-night tech house tale.