Brainstrom EP

  • Release date: 3 juin 2019
  • Label: Famille Electro records
  • Catalog #: 65

Enzo Lo Conte has been instrumental in the evolution of the tech-house scene in Switzerland for the last 20 years. He brings his musical signature to Famille Electro rec with this EP including remixes from Dominik Massaro and Dj Entwan.
Enzo Lo Conte « Brainstorm » is a very efficient tune with percussive drumrolls accompany the track perfectly and ensure for a twist in the groove. The Main Mix kicks things off, driven forward by a repetitive bass line that provides the foundations to build what is a solid groover of a production.

For his remix Dominik Massaro combines crazy and playful sounds with a great raw housy rythm and hypnotic female vocal, which refreshes the track very sensitively.

Dj Entwan offers his very unique signature style for a ready weapon guaranteed to be huge over the summer.

This new EP « Brainstorm » does not disappoint 🙂