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Any Amount

  • Release date: 25 août 2014
  • Label: Famille Electro rec
  • Catalog #: 38

Famille Electro is happy to welcome a new talented artist, Dean Chapple! He delivers two smashing tech house releases : any amount and flume. The tracks leitmotifs are groovy beats, old school melodies and catchy voices that will make your body moving. Be sure to have these peaktime bomb in your bag.


Tim Baker (Elephanthaus) nice! Any Amount (Original Mix)
Lyle Quach (Yellowjax Recordings) cool thanks Any Amount (Original Mix)
Gabriele Gilleri (diffrentgrooves.com) not for me Flume (Original Mix)
Umek (1605) downloading.thanks. Check Behind The Iron Curtain for Support! http://soundcloud.com/umek/ Any Amount (Original Mix)
Marco Pellegrini (differentgrooves.com) downloading for differentgrooves.com , thanks for sending Any Amount (Original Mix)
Aleksij (Toolroom / Ibiza Night) Great¨!will play! Any Amount (Original Mix)
Dandi & Ugo (Italo Business) COOL GROOVES INSIDE THOSE TRACKS Any Amount (Original Mix)
Cristian Varela (Pornographic Recordings) Download for Cristian Varela. Thanks ! Flume (Original Mix)
Mark Knight (Toolroom) NICEEEE BEATS!! Any Amount (Original Mix)
Luciano (Cadenza) Downloading for Luciano. Thanks for the music Any Amount (Original Mix)
Marco Carola (Minus / Plus 8) downloading for marco carola, thanks Any Amount (Original Mix)
Greg Pidcock cheers! Flume (Original Mix)
Alex Long (1605) download,thanks Flume (Original Mix)
DJ Instint (XDC Music) ¡Good for the dancefloor! Any Amount (Original Mix)
James Monro (4DigitalAudio) nice..any amount does the job here! thnx Any Amount (Original Mix)
Chris Ward (Climax / Clubeducate) Not for me but thanks for sharing and good luck with the release. Chris @djchrisward Any Amount (Original Mix)
Erwin Kelemen (Freies Radio Freudenstadt) nice one,playing Flume (Original Mix)
Marc Galindo (Toolroom Records / ElRow Music / Transmit Recordings) Downloading for Marc Galindo, thanks! Any Amount (Original Mix)
Ludovic Rambaud (Journalist / DJ) Dl by DjMag Any Amount (Original Mix)
Paul Van Dyk (Vandit / Vonyc Sessions) Downloading on behalf of Paul Van Dyk for VONYC sessions. Please check Paul’s mixcloud page to find out if it’s made it onto the show. Thanks, Suzanne Chesterton. suzanne@thisisdistorted.com Any Amount (Original Mix)
Tolis Q (Quantized Music) nice tune, will play! thanks Any Amount (Original Mix)
Jamie Stevens (Infusion) Any Amount is pretty cool. Party time 😉 Any Amount (Original Mix)
Adam Helder (Smiley fingers) Both tracks are really nice! Full support! Any Amount (Original Mix)
Gregor Zalokar (Press / Slovenia) . Any Amount (Original Mix)
Sam Divine (Defected in the House / House Connoisseur) very nice! Any Amount (Original Mix)
Anderson Noise (Radio Noise / Noise Music) thanks for the music Any Amount (Original Mix)
G.PAL (Swift Records) will try Any Amount (Original Mix)
Markantonio (Analytictrail / Drumcode / MKT) Downloading for Markantonio…thanks for the music!!! Any Amount (Original Mix)
Richie Hawtin (Minus) downloaded for r hawtin Any Amount (Original Mix)
Ramiro Lopez (Suara / Agile) Cool tracks! will give them a spin. Thankss Any Amount (Original Mix)
Alexander Aurel (Terminal M) Thanks! Will try Flume Flume (Original Mix)
DJ Pena (Flow Vinyl) nice Ep, thanks Any Amount (Original Mix)
Dema (Sci+Tec / Trapez / Agile) both tracks are very good thanks! Any Amount (Original Mix)
Dan Corco (Famille Electro / Circle music / Natura Viva) Full support ! Any Amount (Original Mix)