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Army of dreamers

  • Release date: 25 décembre 2013
  • Label: Famille Electro
  • Catalog #: 33

According to our music spies, the nonviolent electro operation ‘ARMY OF DREAMERS’ has officially been launched. A strike planned ahead by Generals JOBB & CORCO, both members of the F.E.R troops (Famille Electro Records) and the bavarian producer, Alex FLATNER.

:: TECH HOUSE RAID :: The duo JOBB & CORCO first start, using groovy armaments. Battering ram kick, cruising basslines, light vocal weapons and euphoric pads.

:: DEEP HOUSE RAID :: Alex FLATNER carries on in more aerial way. Surgical rythm strikes, fragmentation snares, hypnotic loops and air-to-air vocal missiles.

The EP (Explosive Production) ARMY OF DREAMERS appears to be a crusade against boredom, led by the JOBB-CORCO-FLATNER Alliance and its house-sonic style.

Support from :

Alen Milivojevic (1605 / Pornographic) cool 😉

Khainz Great Ep … both tracks are nice!

Ludovic Rambaud (Journalist / DJ) DL by DJ mag

Nicole Moudaber (Intec) good stuff.

Marco Pellegrini (differentgrooves.com) alex flatner remix – release supported by differentgrooves.com

James Monro (4DigitalAudio) nice remix…thanks

G.PAL (Swift Records) Will try it out

Audio Junkies (Joe – Asymmetric / Definitive) Original Mix for me! Thanks!

Lemon 8 (Armada / Frisky) Love the original mix. Thanks 🙂

Axel Casas (Loca FM) support. Original is for me, thanks!

Patryk Molinari Yeah Jobb did it again – original is massive! Will def play

Cristian Varela (Pornographic Recordings) Thanks !

Alexander Madness (1605 / Sabotage) Thx, but not for me.

Tone Depth (Bad Pony) Original Mix for me thanks!

Elad (Take Away) Nice Remix 🙂

Treavor Moontribe (Desert Trax) Good one, thx

Tim Baker (Elephanthaus) full support

Piatto (Italo Business) Nice stuff. Support.

Tarlouf X (B:Trax / Sabotage) both are cool

De La Swing (El Row / Florida Music) Downloading , nice music for warm up the dncefloor

Slam (Orde Meikle) (Soma / Paragraph / Drumcode) cool grooves – will try out this weekend – thanks guys

Julio Navas (Fresco Records) Downloading Thanks. Check Fresco Sessions Radio Show for Support

X-Press 2 Just ok, sorry.

Ismael Rivas (Factomania) i will try out , thanks !!!

D-Formation (Toolroom) Thanks for the music, downloaded for D-Formation

Chris Ward (Climax / Clubeducate) Not for me but thanks for sharing. Good luck with it! Chris

Stefano Lotti (Phobiq / Gastspiel / Capsula) Downloading… Thank you!

Kenny Ground (Southpark Records) Original fantastic!

Gregor Zalokar (Press / Slovenia) .

Ivan Pica (Factomania) will try out thanks!!!

Peter Brown (Toolroom/Hotfingers/Pacha) will test it out

Dema (Sci+Tec / Trapez / Agile) remix for me!

DJ Instint (XDC Music) Alex Flatner Remix is my favorite

Dany Rodriguez (Recode Musik / MB Elektronics) cool

Markantonio (Analytictrail / Drumcode / MKT) downloading for Markantonio thanks for the music!!!

Driss Skali (Casbour) Flatner Remix for me !

Alessan Main (Amethyps / Prestige / Trapez) thanks for send

Erwin Kelemen (Freies Radio Freudenstadt) nice one,great rmx

Tim Urbanya (Rush Hour / SI) Cool! thank you

Gabriele Gilleri (diffrentgrooves.com) supporting

Chris Lake (Rising Music) downloading

Lyle Quach (Yellowjax Recordings) will try out thanks

Sam Divine (Defected in the House / House Connoisseur) Another quality sound! Thanks!

Richie Hawtin (Minus) downloaded for r hawtin

Vladimir Acic (1605 / Italo Business) nice

Aleksij (Toolroom / Ibiza Night) Remix is ace!

Not for me

Spartaque (1605 / IAMT / Supreme) Full Support

Umek (1605) downloading.thanks. Check Behind The Iron Curtain for Support! http://soundcloud.com/umek/