Federico Mesclando

2009, the rallying year. The Republic of Famille Electro Records welcomes a new partisan, determined to bear the colors of electro music. The DJ-producer FEDERICO MESCLANDO, born Frédéric Méliès is an ex-student from HEC Carcassonne (Home-Studio Electronic Composers) who rapidly gets involved into house, tech house & minimal techno.

This fresh member, who was going to become, two years later, Famille Electro’s President, chains up musical meetings : Rachdingue (Spain), Bar Buddha (Saint-Martin), Bikini (Toulouse), Villa Rouge (Montpellier), Festival A-nîmé (Nîmes), Chapeau Rouge (Carcassonne) where he meets big leaders such as : Silicone Soul, Rainer Weichhold, Kiko, Kavinsky, Greg Delon, Joris Delacroix, James Flavour, Clara Moto, Alex Flatner, Secret Cinema, Kolombo, DJ Deep and the ‘pope’, Laurent Garnier.
In total, he produces more than twenty tracks as well as several EP (European Productions) with Documenti Sonori, Berlin Aufnahem, Code 2 Records et Famille Electro, working, from time to time, with Matt Minimal.
Since 2011, FEDERICO MESCLANDO exercises the functions of head of Famille Electro associative power and waves, humanely, FE’s sonic flag.


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