According to the urban legend, ANTOINE MAITRE got very good in the art of metamorphosis. When night falls, Dr. ANTOINE quickly turns into Mr. ENTWAN, armed to the ears and making sure the audience does not hide from tech house.

This doctor-producer, freshly qualified in ‘electrolgy‘, has learnt a lot from his musical guides : Fabian ARGOMEDO, PIRUPA, Danny SERRANO, Ruben MANDOLINI, and HOLLEN.

He then enters Famille Electro Records Office and starts trying to eradicate the 2N syndrome (Nightclubs Narcolepsy), coworking with famous hit doctors such as TONIO, SILICONE SOUL and Nurhia GIA.

In 2010, ENTWAN gets involved into EP sciences (Electronic Psychoacoustics) signing musical prescritpions with major labs-labels : JEKOS MUSIC, PATENT SKILLZ, RECORDS, NATURA VIVA, JEKOS LAB, SIMILAR RECORDS, NEW AREA RECORDINGS, GROOVE FACTORY, SOLGUZ RECORDINGS, MAINTAIN REPLAY RECORDS.

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