Dean Chapple

Dean Chapple has quickly climbed the ladder in the music industry. After realising that House Music was definitely his forte, little did he know he was about to embark on a career that featured him playing in some of the world’s hottest venues such as, Pacha, The Egg, Ibiza, Lightbox and various Boat parties and no clue was given that he would be supporting some of the world’s biggest DJs, Format: B, Nice7, Pleasurekraft, Him_Self_Her, Darius Syrossion & Steve Lawler, to name a few. It’s safe to say that the title DJ has been well earned.

Not just a DJ…

As a producer the name Dean Chapple is continually growing more popular as different labels take interest in potential releases. After successful release ‘Clarity’ reaches #34 in the Indie Dance / Nu Disco Chart other tracks, including older releases, gained popularity and are constantly being featured on label compilation albums, such as ‘Big Mama’s House Best Of’. It doesn’t stop there; working under the names of both ‘Dean Chapple’ and ‘Eterna’ he developed music to match each persona. Eterna features successful House Music releases such as ‘Connected’, ‘Relentless Trip’ and the Croatia Nights EP all of which gained huge DJ support globally. And as a result more and more artists are beginning to support Dean’s music.

Where did it all begin…

Like most DJs Dean started with a love for music and equipment in his bedroom. Knowing that he didn’t want to be the average and ordinary DJ, Dean leaped into the world of promotion. Doing gigs and hosting nights allowed him to lap up experience. Every dream became reality in 2011 when he opened successful promotions label I Give Good Face giving him the opportunity to not only host a night how he wanted it, but to showcase other DJs and build contacts in the industry. With the movement of music and the growing popularity of underground sounds, two years following the launch of IGGF Dean’s new label DAXX was born. Over both labels headline artists such as Audiojack, Filthy Rich and Bontan have all been a part of this relentless party.

And so…

Dean’s DJing, production and promotion career all complement each other well, allowing him to be part of, and host some of the most exciting nights across the UK and Europe. What started as just a hobby, combined with determination, his achievements refuse to go unnoticed.