BnoiSe & ClaRR

Initiated in 2019, the collaboration between the producer Electro BnoiSe (Famille Electro Carcassone) and the jazz flutist ClaRR gave birth to one of the most requested electro duos in the region ! They count about thirty performances realized so far in different contexts (Festivals / bars / restaurants / private parties …).

At the borders of funk, soul and strongly jazz colors, the richness and groove of BnoiSe’s compositions offer an ideal playground for the creativity and virtuosity of the flutist… The result: a complicity and a complementarity at the service of a suave, subtle and melodic groove!

BnoiSe (Benoît Négrail)

He is passionate about electronic music in the 90s and it is with the artist Crapo Montana that he produces his first live techno. He meets the DJ Didier Sinclair with whom he composes some EPs.

In the 2000s he joined the Famille Electro collective and signed two albums on this label « OrganiZm » in 2012 and « HoriZon » in 2019.

ClaRR (Marc Cillaire)

Son of a jazz saxophonist, he chose the flute – or the flute chose him – at the age of 10 ! With his strongly jazzy playing and a remarkable technique, he counts a significant number of collaborations with Brazilian music groups, funk, fusion…