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Almost famous

  • Release date: 21 juillet 2013
  • Label: Famille Electro records

Their musical triptych in one hand, a mixing table in the other ;  here comes the ‘justicier’ PUNKY WASH and his faithfull remixer SOUTHSONIKS, both ready to punish the ‘villains’ solidfied in the middle of the dancefloor or trying to hide from the vibe.
PUNKY WASH first attacks with ALMOST FAMOUS. A bouncing track in which ghosty voices seem to teach us how to challange gravity.

The lifeless survivors should then fear SOUTHSONIKS’s stygian force. This striking artist leads us to experience a ‘dark-hard’ like remix, caracterised by a pleasant level of saturation.
PUNKY WASH finally uses his hypnotic and glitchy ROCK’N’ROLLA to lauch the final assault, making sure the last standing passive audience won’t get down, ever again.
If PUNKY remains almost famous, the amorphous will surely WASH off in the french wave.