Punky Wash

If the algorithmic colors of machine-music could emerge from spontaneous pigments, if synthetic fibers could sweep away marten brushes, models’ unique curves would be converted to hertz and Action Painting would then become Motion Music.

1998. Jeoffrey Lemaire, deeply concerned about Berlin school work dedicated to kraft paper, starts collecting primary colors. A few episcope flashes later, the DJ’s trajectory takes shape. PUNKY WASH meets several artists such as Remote, Tim Paris, Silicone Soul, Sarah Goldfarb, The Hacker, Addictive TV & Missil, before co-creating the associative label Famille Electro Records.
This sound designer then captures inside his music box as a bunch of color sounds. Electro, house, electrotech & downtempo ; PUNKY WASH sculpts as many  controlled chaos as possible.
Action Painting turned into Motion Music, sonic grafitti, audio impressionism :  all techniques need to be tried. His tools : soft pastels to draw watery pads, mop brushes dedicated to kicks, graphite basslines, black stoned synthesizers and silverpointed glitches are used before compression polishing.
Without overdoing it, PUNKY WASH ‘puzzles’ the musical moment before adding his watery inlays final touch.
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