FER party 28 May

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Special 1o years of Famille Electro records > Start 18h @ téléskinautique du Lac la Cavayere > @ Le bar à Vin Carcassonne – Closing 2h Djs Nikholson Punky Wash Dan Corco  

FER01 vinyl only

FER01 vinyl only is out!

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Our first vinyl FER01 is out! You can listen and grab your copy at : Primedirectdistribution : http://www.primedirectdist.co.uk/products/…/FER01/index.html Deejay.com : http://www.deejay.de/FER01_-_Various_Artists_-_Family_Ep_-_… Juno : http://www.juno.co.uk/…/dan-corco-dj-entwan-punk…/599093-01/ ‪#‎vinyl‬ ‪#‎housemusic‬ Decks.de : http://www.decks.de/t/various_artists-family_ep/c6r-u5